About Us

Here at Total Health Co. We are combining precise cutting-edge technology with traditional medicine to give our clients the exact experience that they desire. You can trust that everything on our shelves will consistently deliver because they are manufactured with only the highest quality equipment on the market today. All of our products have been scientifically created to help you focus and maintain a healthy mind, body and soul, and we are totally committed to improving the health and wellness of our customers!


The endocannabinoid system is at the very origin of cannabis’ action on the human body. It is a set of a molecule and cellular receptors in the body from which originate homeostasis, the regulating process allowing our body to maintain its normal functions (balance).

Unlocking the therapeutic benefits of CBD to satisfy your needs is both a passion and a science at Total Health Co.

Integrity Statement

Total Health Co.


It is paramount, which is why we perform quality control checks throughout every level of our entire process. Testing is performed to ensure each product is free of metals, pesticides, and mold, in addition to meeting all state requirements, and our quality standards.

Here at Total Health Co. we want our quality to shine through, and provide total health and wellness for our clients. We stand by our products because of our quality controls and testing. We are collaborating with physicians in conducting patient studies to document results, and one of our future goals is to incorporate genetically individualized medicine into our portfolio.

Research & Development

During his own medical challenges, Casey Yosin, Founder and CEO of Total Health Co. was bed ridden and paralyzed for 6 months.  His physician’s recommendation was to prescribe opiates; however, Mr. Yousin chose not to take this route as he knew this would lead to opiate addiction.  Understanding that our bodies have an endocannabinoid system not an opiate system, he made the decision to try cannabinoids as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.  Thus, began his search for knowledge and understanding of Cannabinoids.

During this quest for knowledge, Mr. Yosin immersed himself in Dr. Raphael Mechoulam’s research.  Dr. Mechoulam is an Israeli organic chemist and professor of medicinal chemistry, whose father was a physician. His major scientific interest is the chemistry and pharmacology of Cannabinoids.  He and his research group succeeded in the total synthesis of the major plant cannabinoids Δ9tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, cannabigerol and various others.  His laboratory worked on the chemistry, pharmacology and clinical effects of natural products (cannabis) for over 50 years.  He has published papers and provided data supporting the many benefits of cannabis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raphael_Mechoulam

Total Health Co. was born out of a need to provide high quality organic CBD products into the Hemp industry.  In addition to wanting to help educate people that they don’t need pharmaceuticals drugs to be healthy, and bring hemps healing properties to the world.

Testing/Quality Controls

The following process is completed prior to utilizing any farm products:

  • It is organically grown.
  • Farmers provide their third-party lab testing results.
  • Random samples are taken from the farms soil and water, then sent to a third-party lab to be tested for Metals and Pesticides.
  • Random samples of the crop are sent to a third-party lab to be tested for Metals, Pesticides, or Mold.
  • After processing the crop into crude oil it is tested once again for metals, pesticides, and potency. Additionally, the same test is performed every time we make end use product, whether that be distillate, isolate, or water solvable isolate.

The Hemp is homogenized to ensure consistency in the products, assuring each bottle contains the stated amount of CBD.  Total Health Co. provides batch tracked Quality Review (QR) codes on every bottle of their product.  They want you to meet your farmer, and plan to provide embedded videos that show exactly where the product was grown and by whom in the near future.


Total Health Co.’s state-of-the-art equipment meets and exceeds all regulatory requirements in North America and Europe, offering one of the cleanest, most advanced CO2 extraction processes.  Total Health Co.is in partnership with Advanced Extraction Systems, Canada and is their North American end of operations.


Our on-staff scientists are committed to finding cannabinoid-based remedies with one-to-one applications.  We have the ability to extract individual cannabinoids and concoct formulas that we target towards our client’s specific needs.


Total Health Co. is working hand-in-hand with the regulators, to help forward a successful pilot Hemp program for the State of Michigan.  Total Health Co. abides by GMP practices, and is seeking our ISO 9000 accreditation.